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Pietro Solera
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Once there was the Big Colored One, which relied on translation software for its operator manuals. But, jumping from one language to another, the BCO's mouse became a rat, ready to scare all the employees who had to learn about the machine. Too late! The manual was ready in thousands of copies, as nobody at BCO had noticed the beast.
(This is not a telltale)
Localizing is not a sport's business. A correct technical publication is a must to comply most of safety rules, to satisfy your client - and to avoid a laughingstock, sometimes. Entrust your literature to proven professionals! We offer codified editions (CE compliance), up-to-date translations, swift and cost-effective services, simply what you need.
So, take some minutes to visit our pages...

Agricultural & Construction Equipement, Achitecture & Design, Automotive, Electro-mechanics, Electronics, House Appliances, Hydro-pneumatics, Plants & Maintenance, Machine-tools, Resins & Fibers.

Your reliable go-between for languages, cultures and ages.

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